Is it the region, or the Realtor?

A couple came into one of my Open Houses, a beautiful home in the Claremont neighborhood. They were from out of the area, and they had many detailed questions about the physical structure of the house, the site, the street, and the area as a whole. I enjoyed engaging with them and providing them with a holistic view of what their life could be in this home.

Generally, any follow-up correspondence occurs between agents, so I was surprised (but delighted) to receive an email directly from the couple, later that week: “Holly, Thanks for showing us the beautiful home this afternoon. It felt very good all around, and we are considering making an offer, through our agent. Regardless, we want to share our appreciation for your professional presentation. You operate clearly well above what seems to be the norm out there.”

Sadly, it is clear that this couple has not been exposed to a high caliber of Realtor when out viewing homes. However, I am proud to report that here in the East Bay, there are many truly exceptional real estate agents. I am constantly striving to contribute my very best to our profession, and to earn the validation reflected in this email. The experience this couple had when visiting my Open House is one that I would wish for every home buyer, everywhere.

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