Preparing for Sale

One of the first questions I’m usually asked by a homeowner is, “What do I have to do to get my house ready to sell?”

The homeowner is usually startled by answer, which is: “Nothing.”

I mean it. There is no reason at all that we cannot sell your house just as it is at this very moment. Somebody will still buy it, and love it, and not care if the kitchen is green and you never got around to repairing that cracked window pane.

It’s true that “spiffing up” your house will cause even more potential buyers to love it, and will thereby increase the sales price. However, sometimes we forget that money may not be the most important thing. Maybe the most important thing is to preserve your peace of mind. Maybe, due to personal circumstances, you want to sell your house just as it is. Maybe you don’t have the budget for repairs, improvements, storage or staging. Maybe your physical condition or health doesn’t allow for all that’s involved in spiffing up.

Don’t worry. I will find a buyer to love your home, and will obtain the very price possible for it, in whatever condition it is when you decide that it’s ready.

In general, when we first go through your house together, I will tell you all the things that could be done to increase your home’s selling price, if we had a magic wand. But since we don’t actually have a magic wand, it’s unlikely you will be able or want to do everything. You get to choose, and I am happy to help you make your choices, and then I help to turn those choices into reality.

Magic-Wand Home Preparation

  • Obtain a very complete packet of reports, including Zone Disclosure, Pest Control, General Inspection Report, and any local ordinance reports (varies by city).
  • Move entirely out of the house.
  • Professionally clean the house top to bottom, including interiors of appliances, treatment of wood floors and cabinetry, carpet cleaning, vacuum and cobweb removal in garage and basement, and windows inside and out.
  • Paint the entire interior of the house.
  • Make appropriate cosmetic changes such as light fixtures or cabinetry hardware.
  • Stage the house and any exterior entertaining areas such as decks and patios.
  • Landscaping – prune, weed, mulch, and replant as needed.
  • Correct all items on the Pest Report and obtain a Certificate of Clearance.
  • Comply with all local ordinance requirements.
  • Correct all minor items on the General Inspection Report.
  • Obtain estimates from reputable local contractors for outstanding items on the General Inspection Report (such as roof or foundation work).

I can assist you with any and all of the above, including scheduling inspections, obtaining estimates, counseling you on appropriate cosmetic changes and paint colors, recommending contractors and supervising work.

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