“For Holly Rose, a challenge is chapter one of a success story. …

“Holly Rose sold my home on Marin Avenue in Berkeley. As listings go, you couldn’t ask for a tougher challenge. The sound of Harleys charging up our hill and the scent of burning brakes going down has sent lesser agents away scratching their heads and contemplating a career change. For Holly Rose, a challenge is chapter one of a success story.

As clients go, I am a 10 on the picky chart. As a former real estate agent and marketing director for Mason-McDuffie Real Estate, my standards are exacting and my expectations lofty. If I were an agent, I wouldn’t be my first choice for a client. Holly Rose and I got along beautifully (despite me).

First and foremost, Holly is a communicator. We talked, a lot. The lines were always open. She returned calls, immediately. She listened, really listened. What a gift.

Secondly, she has more marketing savvy than any agent out there. I never had to worry about whether she would do it like I would. She did it better. No sweat.

Third, she cared. She knew that I needed a straight shooter, which she is, except when she knew intuitively that I needed her to be nurturing and reassuring. Whining wasn’t tolerated, but on an especially dreadful day (not her fault), I came home to a nice note, a box of chocolates and an order to eat one immediately because it would make me feel better. I ate one. I smiled. How could I not?

There are a lot of good agents out there, with loads of experience and credentials to equal Holly’s. I know many of them personally and I have interviewed several. But the shining star – now that’s rare. That’s Holly Rose. It would never occur to me to work with anyone else.”

– Kate Berenson, Marketing Consultant, Berkeley

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