Transformation is key to successful real estate sale

Bright green and gold chrysalis

Change is scary for real estate agents too


As a Realtor, I have learned that the key to a successful real estate sale is metamorphosis. Change is scary, but essential for growth. Recently I led a 12-week workshop for other real estate agents, to coach them through finding and stretching their “change” muscles. On the first day of the workshop, we found a monarch chrysalis in my back yard. The glistening green case, dotted with brilliant gold, seemed apt.


Monarch chrysalis showing monarch about to emerge

Parts dissolve and reassemble


I did a little research and learned that inside a butterfly chrysalis, everything changes. All of the parts dissolve, and reassemble into something entirely transformed and magnificent. I wondered, could the caterpillar possibly know what was coming?


Something beautiful emerges


The monarch’s metamorphosis is what it’s like to sell a home. All of your parts become chaos. For weeks or months, your life and your home may be unrecognizable. Your living room becomes a geometric jumble of boxes. Your back yard takes shape from the overgrowth. Walls change color. You feel your own seams loosening with fear of the unknown. Yet finally, without fail, the casing cracks open and something beautiful emerges, stretching its wings for flight.


Is that my house?


Recently I worked with a single mom to get her home ready for market. She told me she worried her home wouldn’t be well received, “because it’s not beautiful like the other houses on your web site.” She had a hard time letting go of the keys, but finally she drove her U-Haul off to Oregon. When I texted her some photos a few weeks later, she wrote back: “I’m standing here in a supermarket with my jaw dropping on the floor. OMG, is that my house? How did it get so gorgeous?”


Transformational joy

Transformation is complete and butterfly emerges


These moments of transformational joy are gifts beyond measure. They have made my 25+ years as a Realtor the best work I could ever imagine. Seeing and sharing the before and the after, for both the person and their house, is never less than magical.


Wonders await us


By the end of the Realtor workshop, the monarch in my yard had completed its metamorphosis and shed its shell. I was lucky enough to photograph the event to share with the group. It became our emblem for the power of transformation, and for the wonders that await us all, once we let go.

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