Claremont Treasure for an Audiophile

The Claremont-Elmwood district is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the East Bay. Straddling the area from College and Ashby through Claremont and Ashby, it includes some of the most popular shopping and foodie destinations — and many hidden architectural treasures. Recently I had the pleasure of representing the buyer of one such gem, designed in the 1920s by opera singer Gabriella Woodward, and located on a quiet side street just a few blocks from the elegant Claremont Hotel. My audiophile client fell in love with the magical qualities of this home — both acoustical and visual. The home’s architecture features an arched motif that is first introduced at the front door, is echoed and amplified throughout the home, and culminates with a crescendo in the grand entertainment hall.

Repetitive arch motif begins at the front door.

Notice the stepwise progression from the gracefully arched window at the right to the narrower arched transition to the entry landing, the shorter arched cut-out at the left bringing Western light to the front door, and finally the arched peek-a-boo window in the beautiful front door allowing a glimpse of the splendor inside.

The exquisite centerpiece of the entertainment hall, a glorious, multi-arched wall of windows soaring to a cathedral ceiling, is not easily apparent from the street — I stood on top of my car to get this shot.