Quotes from Buyers

“Killer combination of intelligence, sensitivity, and intuitive insight…yet she can put her hand through a brick wall when she needs to.”

– Derek P.

“Holly, what can I say? You’ve been amazing – a joy to work with – a consummate professional at every turn. Thank you for your incredible generosity on so many levels.”

– Katherine B.

“Holly knows her stuff. She was outstanding in handling so many issues – both professionally and ethically – when she helped us purchase and later sell our home. She is always professional, focused, and composed. She is honest with her opinions but will respect her client’s opinions as well. She’s supportive and down to earth, so I always felt she had our best interests at heart, while balancing that with a strong knowledge of what is realistic and doable in the real estate market. Bottom line, Holly is a smart, professional, focused and knowledgeable agent and I whole-heartedly recommend her.”

– Sarah O.

“We discovered Holly at a neighborhood Open House and felt immediately that she would become our agent, based on her forthrightness, enthusiasm, and intelligence. We never regretted that decision as she guided us unfailingly through the sale of our home and the purchase of another. We especially appreciated her willingness to stay in constant communication with us as events unfolded. We recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation.”

– Carl M.

“We had a feeling this was the right house. When we came to look, the lockbox malfunctioned, but that didn’t stop Holly. After calling the seller’s agent for permission, she produced a wrench, removed the bars from a basement window, climbed through the opening (the size of a mailbox) into the utter unknown, groped her way through the house and grandly let us in the front door!

Holly trusts her own instincts as well as ours. Her professionalism and guidance resulted in our getting a fantastic house in a neighborhood we never thought we could afford, clearly some kind of miracle in this market. Thank you, Holly!”

– Andrea L. and Jeremy C.

“I have been continually impressed by Holly’s poise, perception, and initiative. She invariably comports herself with an amazingly professional manner, and does not fail to support her client’s position with zeal and ardor where appropriate. She was emphatically on my side.”

– Judith S.

“Holly, I want to thank you for your skillful negotiation of my purchase. Your particular expertise provided many insights, and in the final analysis prevented me from making some rather costly mistakes. I am especially grateful for the forthright and honest manner in which you persuaded the sellers to make repairs which my own inspector deemed necessary. It is without hesitation that I recommend your services.”

– Robert E.

“Holly, thank you for pulling off a miracle. You will be rewarded on earth and in heaven.”

– Bonnie C.

“As first time home buyers, we interviewed several agents and even worked with one for a short time before meeting Holly. We liked Holly by far the best. Our demands were fairly particular, but she quickly recognized what we were looking for. She used excellent judgment, maintained a high level of activity on our behalf, and never pressured us (unlike other agents). When we found the right house Holly acted quickly, was tough with the sellers, and, I am sure, saved us many thousands of dollars. At all times, Holly was a pleasure to work with and very responsive to our questions and concerns. As first time buyers we were very fortunate to be able to rely on her substantial knowledge from start to finish.”

– Chris P.

“Holly put our best interests first – we never felt like we were working with a sales person who only wanted to close a deal and get on with it. She had educated opinions and told us the pros and cons, but she didn’t try to sell us. She made the sometimes nerve-wracking process of buying a house easy for us.”

– Laura N.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I never thought working with a Realtor could be this fun or easy. As usual, you are on top of much more than we could ever have hoped.”

– Gretchen D.

“We felt our questions were endless, but Holly put us at ease and explained all our options in a relaxed and professional manner. She is a savvy and articulate advocate who clearly does everything in her power to make the process as smooth and beneficial to her clients as possible. It still amazes us that Holly was able to handle all the inevitable snags while we vacationed in Europe! Upon our return, papers were ready to be signed. We truly benefited from her expertise.”

– Brian K.

“Holly’s a real human being. She didn’t work for us; she worked with us.”

– Martha L.

“My husband and I had what we consider to be one of our most pleasurable business experiences working with Holly. Her professionalism, sensitivity to clients’ concerns (she really hears what is being said and translates even vague needs into concrete options), her positive attitude and, last but not least, her tenacity and conscientiousness are several reasons that come easily to mind. We have worked with agents in other areas, and Holly is special indeed.”

– Marianne S.

“I was introduced to Holly by my real estate lender, and was immediately impressed by her sense of caring. With Holly’s expert guidance, I now have the ideal property along with a vast fund of real estate knowledge. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking knowledge, caring, and service.”

– Charles M.

“Holly was a joy to work with. She was extraordinarily perceptive about our needs and tastes, an astute negotiator, and professional in every way. Her understanding of people, of business and the market, and of buildings and construction all combine to make her a wonderful agent. We unequivocally and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Feel free to contact us personally.”

– Gail D. and Rick T.

“I chose Holly over another agent I’d worked with previously because, from the very outset, I was impressed by Holly’s knowledge and confidence. Once I talked to Holly, I didn’t consider any other agents. As it turns out, my confidence in her was very well placed. Of particular importance was her exceptional ability to explain in simple yet concrete terms how the process works. She is very articulate and knows a lot about negotiation as well as home construction. I also appreciated her patience and encouragement – by the time we closed the deal, I felt she had earned more than twice her commission. Needless to say, I am one happy home-owner, thanks to Holly.”

– Helen K.

“Holly always encouraged me to keep looking, not to compromise, not to overextend myself financially, and not to “settle.”

– Colleen C.

“When the seller began to make the transaction difficult, your experience as a diplomatic, yet tough, negotiator shone. You represented our interests ahead of all others when the issues became contentious. I was glad to have you on my side during the altercations between the seller and her own agent.”

– Marty C.

“Holly did the antithesis of what everyone else in the real estate business did: she made me feel calm and in not only competent hands, but ones I could completely rely on and trust. I knew I could call her any time (and I did) and I knew she would do everything in her power – to answer, solve, soothe, pursue, re-group and succeed – that was necessary for me.”

– Marian L.


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