How I Work with Sellers

After our initial interview, should we decide to work together, we will meet at your home to draw up a detailed plan of action. In particular, I will advise you on:

  • What improvements and repairs should be made, or not made, prior to market.
  • What inspections you should, or should not, obtain.
  • What furniture and artwork should remain or be removed, room by room.
  • What landscaping or staging, if any, may increase your net price.
  • What a comfortable, practical timeline will look like for preparation and marketing.
  • What results you can expect from different pricing strategies.
  • What type of brochure, photography, and marketing materials we will use.
  • What options are available for how your home will be shown by buyers’ agents.
  • What you can expect to happen once the house is on the market.
  • What happens during the offer and negotiation process.
  • What happens during the escrow.
  • What your approximate expenses and net profit will be.
  • What your level of participation, if any, will be.

I don’t have a fixed recipe for selling a home, because the strategy we choose will depend largely on your home, your personal situation, and your preferences. I could pack your open house wall to wall, or I could sell your home without even a sign or advertisement. I could install a lockbox on your front door, or I could show your home only by personal appointment with me. I could sell your house tomorrow, or I could sell it next month or next year. There are endless possibilities, and together we will devise a strategy that is effective, yet will not compromise your physical or emotional well-being.

One thing that is consistent with any sale is my direct, energetic involvement and my constant communication with you. You will not be my only client, but I want you to feel that you are.

I frequently work with sellers who are preparing to leave the area, or who have already left. This is not a problem at all – in fact I welcome the challenge. I will assume as much of the hands-on preparation as you choose to give me, and any documents can be signed by e-mail, fax, or express delivery.

I do have definite ideas, based on many years of experience and many successful sales, about what choices (price, preparation, marketing, timing) will lead to the greatest number of competing buyers and the highest net price. I will be forthright in voicing these ideas; however, I understand that the highest-net strategy sometimes conflicts with your comfort level, and your comfort comes first.

Quotes From Sellers