The main idea

Holly RoseI have been a full-time, top-ranked residential Realtor in the East Bay for 20 years.

I love my job. I chose to become a Realtor because it allows me full expression of my strongest skills: artistic presentation, market analysis, residential contracting, face-to-face negotiation, and client advocacy.

I love the swirl and chaos of a real estate transaction; the interplay with lender, appraiser, inspector, and engineer. I view them as interlocking pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and the more pieces there are, the prettier the final picture.

I love my clients. To me, my relationship with you – my client – is of paramount importance, not the size of your house or the name of your street. Almost 100% of the time, the client makes the first call to me – that is, you call me because you have worked with me before, because you have been urged to call me by a friend or neighbor, or because you have seen or heard of my work on other properties. I’ve prepared this website as a resource for my clients, but in general I don’t advertise myself because I prefer to work exclusively by referral: If I have enjoyed working with you, chances are great I will enjoy working with your friends and family.

Ultimately, your recommendation is not only the highest praise I could hope for – it’s my bread and butter. Therefore, your satisfaction comes before all else.

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